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. . . for they will see that you love each one of them with the same passionate love that you have for me.  John 17:23b Passion Translation

I have a desire to carry the message of intimacy with God, to share that we can draw near Him and have a close relationship. God Jehovah is such a good Father and He wants His family to always be in friendship with Himself, His Son and also with His Holy Spirit. If there ever was a time to share this message, it's now. And if there ever was a time that this vital message is needed, it surely is now. This world is in confusion right now, and they need a hope they can hold onto. Christ is our solid rock. I share on the message of intimacy through my books, music and teachings. You can find me on YouTube.

I began a ministry called Heart Sower Ministries in 2013 which included music, writing books and a prison Bible study correspondence  program. But recently has changed from Heart Sower to a new business called Heaven's Treasures. 

My aim is to inspire you to draw into  a closer relationship with your Heavenly Father!

                     Linda Patarello


Song of Solomon
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All about intimacy with Jesus our Bridegroom King! Linda shares a breakdown of the spiritual symbolism of even the spices and flowers spoken of in the book of Song of Solomon. God puts treasures of revelation in His Word for us to discover and learn. There

is such beautiful wisdom revealed here

about His sweet love for us.



2 CDs which have been translated

into Spanish 




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If you would like to give toward the Prison Bible Study Program. We are very grateful and thank you for helping toward their cause. Although we cannot give a tax receipt, since we are a business, we want to thank you for your help!