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Linda Patarello

My Story

Through out the years,  I have spent them being a worship leader part-time or full-time at various churches. But as time has gone on, I can truly say that the most valuable lesson I have learned is that it's not important to have a big platform for myself and be well known. What is most valuable is who I know, and that my goal and greatest desire is to have that sweet, close relationship with the Father God, who is my Abba. I've learned finally, not to follow my own plans and dreams, but to follow His plans and dreams, knowing all will turn out just fine.


The Lord saw fit to gift me in the prophetic song, with also writing, teaching and other creative abilities. There are times when a craving to paint a watercolor piece comes to mind, and then I realize it's because the creative stirs up more creative in me, and that helps me to always come back to writing music and creating songs. Spending time and making time to worship the Lord is vital for life. The times of seeing ministry as a job that you do on Sunday and Wednesday are long gone. We are called to have a lifestyle of worship, of rest and listening, responding to God's heart. Yeshua must be invited into our daily lives. For if we are one with Him, then every breathing moment can be filled with Him. This is heaven on earth. To teach others to do the same is what we have been called to do. 


I'm always looking for new opportunities. Let's connect.

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