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Song of Solomon

Sharing on the spiritual aspect of Christ and His beloved bride. A unique message for these last days, summarizing on the finished work of Christ on the cross. There are wonderful hidden Hebrew meanings to bring this point across, from spices to nature and the ancient Biblical customs. The message of this book is to show how God sees you complete and how He values a close covenant relationship with you. Knowing intimacy with Yeshua is greater than any weight of gold!

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A Worshiper's Heart

We crave and have a desire to be loved and to love. God the Father placed this inside of us. Intimacy and relationship are of vital importance to Him. Here in this book you find how to posture yourself in humility to come into His presence while you learn how to rest and soak in worship. It describes what the heart of a worshiper looks like. God's heart continually whispers, "Come". The invitation has been given, and the next step is yours.


How to Meditate on the Living Word

Hidden in the Bible is wisdom and mysteries waiting to be revealed to God's children. Meditating on the Scriptures is one of the keys to receiving all that is available to you. Meditating will cause His Word to come to life. It will also cause a love for His Word. The Holy Spirit gets involved and enlightens and reveals truths from heaven. God has prepared wonderful things for them that love Him!

The Father Loves

We give this precious book free to people incarcerated in prison. It has been used to change many lives. We have given over 1000 books thus far. Learn how God is a good God and a good father. It speaks of His personality and character. He is the father of all comfort. God has emotions, and sometimes we forget this, but we were made in His image, and those emotions came from Him. Here is a look inside God's incredible heart of love.

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