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Everyone is a treasure, and everyone is to be valued...

Thank you for being there for me during these trying times. You are doing the Lord's work and it's an inspiration to myself. You have been an answered prayer. The studies and books and letters make it feel like Christmas all year round.


I started to enjoy my studies. I couldn't wait for the next one to arrive, I would stand by the bars waiting for "Mail Call"...I started to love the Word.

You have no idea how much your care has impacted my faith walk. This journey has given me such spiritual growth since last fall. 


Prison life doesn't have to stop a person from life and doing great things. We know prisoners who receive their Bachelors while incarcerated. There are many artists, poets and writers. Here is Leo Cardez who writes for a Christian Publication. 

God blesses those that choose to live for others and be a blessing instead of living in self pity.


Behind bars can't take away their creativity. Creativity can be healing and restoring. Here are some cool samples of their putting time to good use. 

Sometimes an inmate is without paints and supplies. Learning to be resourceful, one finds that M&M candy colors can be used for paint.

I lived in a world of drugs and violence for a long time, which landed me here in prison. But I have to say it was the best thing that could have happened, because it slowed me down and allowed me to find God...No longer do have to I live in fear. I have God's love.

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