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Spring 2021

For those who are God lovers, Christ followers and 

who welcome the freedom of the Holy Spirit in their lives and talents. It is a great day to be alive in these latter days. You were put here on earth for such a time as this! Let it be on earth as it is in heaven! God's kingdom is taking back the creative arts and music that were stolen and distorted by the enemy. God is the creator of the art. Music was meant to bring life and healing, not death and destruction. If this sounds of interest to you, 

keep on reading. (Had to move date to Spring, due to a death in my family.)

This 15 week program is for the creative believer who desires to use their gifting to the fullest. Learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit,

as you discover the wonderful reasons that you were given artistic gifts, whether they be painting, singing, music instrumental, song writing, dance, photography, collage, paper crafting, sewing, jewelry, textiles, garden sculpture or other creative gifts. God uses art and music to speak to us in the prophetic, even more in these latter days. We will not be teaching you on your gift, but how to learn to

flow with the Holy Spirit in your gift.

We will begin the first program in Feb. 2021, which

will run for 15 weeks. The same program will run again when done.

These classes will include video lessons backed by scripture, pdfs of video lessons, along with accompanying worksheets and Zoom meetings with discussions. 

Subscribe below if you'd like to be kept informed on news regarding this program. You won't be obligated.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
Meno Spiritual Creative Program 
welcomes a global  Community 

Where God

is Glorified!

Meet Linda Patarello 

Teacher & Facilitator

"For some years I have

had a dream,

where creative people

would come together enjoying

community, as well

as learning

how to partner with

the Holy Spirit in

their gifting.  

 Allowing Him to teach

them how to take

the limits

off and grow their gifts exponentially.

I will teach these valuable principles, and take

you step by step

in this process."









  • A wonderful perspective from God's eyes about the subject of creating. Have you ever pondered on how God views art and music? What is the the real purpose for creating?  The Meno Spiritual Creative Program will help increase your awareness on just how much the Holy Spirit enjoys being a part of your creating.


  • Enjoyable online Zoom get-togethers with like minded people that also love to create. Seeing different artistic abilities and appreciating the uniqueness of each individual. And of course you will naturally find new friends. This is about furthering your gift which may be different than others. Not all are painters or musicians. Some love to flag for God, while others love to create garden art or sculpture.                                                                                                                                                      

       I Pet. 4:11b that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to

       whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.                                       

  • Experience live soaking worship sessions together. Coming into God's presence is refreshing and renews the soul. Receive from the Father's heart, as you are filled with His restoring love. Worship is pleasing to Him, and yet also lifts us up to a place that cannot be compared to anything on earth. It's also not always about soaking, for the Lord desires our worship as well.

  • At times we will focus on one person sharing their gifting with the group, as our body of believers will pray and encourage them in the prophetic gifts. It is a great thing to have humility and unity, helping to nourish each other as Christ wanted. No need for any competition here. As well, there will be lots of different levels of abilities. God sees the heart.


  • We will have heavenly encounters and spiritual activations. God gave us the supernatural to enjoy and be able to connect with Him. As the body of Christ awakens to sonship, the Father will lead us purposefully speaking as one, covering people even around the globe with His love, joy and peace.  We are learning to bring heaven down to earth. 


  • Through this program, you will learn about drawing closer to God, as your Father, and about intimacy with Him. Union and relationship are very close to His heart. Many know Jesus, but have not yet been introduced to the Father. You will also enjoy learning from the Holy Spirit who knows you already, and is waiting to be invited to flow through your gifting if that has not yet been. He is the true mentor.                                                                                                                           

  • Experience the freedom of letting go and letting God happen, as you create. Learn to dream with the Holy Spirit, taking off the limitations

      of your own mind, as He takes your imagination further.                                                                                    

What You Will Receive by Joining the Program 

Image by Fallon Michael
Image by Ben White
Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA
Image by James Baldwin
Image by Rachael Gorjestani
Image by Micheile Henderson

"I look forward to

getting together,

with like minded people, and making new friends!"

Our goal is for this to be a place where there is positive encouragement and acceptance. Where each of us agrees to support and nurture one another in humility, love and kindness, letting go of any competition and judgement.

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Program Details

Fees for Meno Spiritual Creativity Program:

*The Gold package includes:


                 -15 Spiritual teaching videos 

                  -15 pdfs of teachings and worksheets 

                 -15 Zoom classes of 60 min ea. where we discuss videos & 

                   worksheets. The worksheets are for you to keep.

                 -3 months free membership included to Meno Creative

                   Community-2 extra Zooms offered weekly

                 -This 3 month program will be offered quarterly 

                       $59.(plus tax CA) Purchase for digital & pdf package

                     will be available this Spring.

                   -$66. for 15 Zoom sessions

     Total      $125. if paid up front ($10. savings)

                   OR 3 payments of $45. monthly (Total $135.)




*The Silver package includes:


                  -15 teaching videos only

                     $59. (plus tax CA) Purchase this digital package, available

                      this Spring.

Meno Creativity Community

  The community welcomes creative believers that love Jesus and want to see Him

  glorified in their lives and talents. We are excited about having an Ekklesia group

  that will fellowship in unity as we encourage each other along the way.


  There will be a monthly subscription of $10. You can cancel at any time.

  This will include 2 Zoom meetings per week, which will be a mix of soaking worship,

  create-togethers, Heavenly ascensions and some creative share times.




If you live out of the U.S. Pay Pal is preferred. Those in the U.S. can also pay by credit card or Pay Pal. There will be no refunds for this program. You will need to fill out an application for acceptance to join the Creative program and the Community. 

Image by Debby Hudson
Image by Sara Kurfeß
Image by 童 彤

Meno Spiritual Creative Program & Community

There will be available meetings 3-4 times per week, which will be different times globally. Here is an explanation of meetings: 

*The Meno Spiritual Creative Program will meet once a week on Zoom, to discuss the video and worksheet that was assigned the previous week. This will be recorded in case you missed it.

*Create-To-Gethers will meet once a week on Zoom. This is a time to just hang out together and bring your art supplies and create. Artists gather together outside for plein air painting, so why not in this crazy time of covid 19, shouldn't we get together on Zoom and fellowship as we create? It is always comforting and encouraging to make art together. 

*Twice a month there will be times of Soaking Worship, to come into God's presence and be refreshed as we worship Yahweh.

*Twice a month we will join in Heavenly Ascensions together. This is a time to engage heaven and receive any mandates, instructions to carry out on earth. Ot there may be times that the Lord may want to minister to us. Colossians 3:1-3 states that we are risen with Christ, and we are to seek those things which are above, where Christ sits on the right hand of God, while Ephesians 2:6 and 2:19 reminds us that we have been made to sit in heavenly places together in Christ, and we are no more strangers, but fellow citizens with the saints, and household of God. It should not be a strange thing to visit heaven, for it is our home, and we don't have to wait until we die to visit. 

*Once a month we will join in a Time to Shine. This time will highlight on one individual to share their art or music with us. To share and explain on how the Holy Spirit led them to create. We then will bless them with our encouragement and positive feedback, any prophetic words. Sometimes we will have a guest at this time.

If you are interested in this program coming up, you can sign up here to be kept informed. You are not under any obligation to take the classes.

Thanks for submitting!

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