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New Teaching Series

By Linda

This idea came through a desire in my heart to reach out to new believers and those that don't know Jesus.

I truly believe that a great move of the Holy Spirit is coming to earth and has already begun in places. We are about to see wonderful, supernatural wonders, such as many salvations, healings, deliverances, miracles, and stuff we have never seen before! It will be a common scene to see people dancing in the streets and joyously singing, or to even see angels among us, and even to see God's glory!! Heaven on earth is what we are about to experience. There has been a prophecy from the late well known prophet Bob Jones, who spoke that there would be a billion soul harvest in the last days. And that many of these would be young people. I want to be a part of this! Making videos is something I can do right now and I will call this a labor of love for Father God. I'm praying these videos will reach those that He wants to reach through me. It may be very dark right now, but God will have the last say and His light is about to shine mega bright!!!

For now I am recording live stream on You Tube. I will post the links here on the videos that will lead you to my YouTube channel. Please subscribe!

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