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A Free Program for those in Prison

This began in July of 2016 and is still going strong. We have a Bible study correspondence program for men and women who are in prison in the U.S. They only pay for their postage to send their study back to us. We in turn keep the studies coming to them.  We send them our beloved book written by Linda Patarello called "The Father Loves". We have sent over 1000 books thus far. The initial program involves 46 studies. After completing, they are awarded a paperback Study Bible. It usually takes about 1 year with continual correspondence. We do have other studies if an inmate would like to keep going.

We send notes of encouragement and have found that to be quite a blessing for our students behind bars. For some, we might be the only connection to the outside world. Linda Patarello created these studies specifically to be filled with God's grace and the love of God as a good father. They learn to have relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.
We have an awesome team of writers who have been very committed and have caring hearts. This program has had God's hand on it from the very beginning. We began as a ministry called Heart Sower Ministry. Recently in 2020, Linda decided to shift that over to a business to allow more freedom. But we are still continuing this program as a worthy cause.

Most of our profit goes toward the Prison Program.


If you would like to

give toward

the Prison Bible

Study Program.

We are very grateful

and thank you for helping

toward their cause.

Although we cannot

give a tax receipt, since

we are a business,

we want to thank you

for your help!

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