I have been a worship leader for much of my life. But I feel most at home with soaking worship, which you will find here. Contemplative and meditative, I enjoy bringing the listener into a refreshing calm place, in which they will welcome God's presence and sense His deep love. The newest Album is "The Seven Spirits of God," which is an instrumental using all synthesizer sounds, and is ethereal sounding to me. There are 7 songs with over an hour of music. Even great for a good restful nap!

"Healing is Mine" is vocal and calming, focused on healing scriptures to encourage you on your wellness journey. There are 6 songs total and over 30 minutes. I even have a friend who used this CD to listen to while she was pregnant, and even while on the way to the hospital. God did a miracle for her and she had her baby in just a few hours, and with a pain free pregnancy! To God be the glory!  "La Sanidad" is the Spanish version of "Healing is Mine." There is even a testimony of a little 4 yr old girl who fell in love with the Spanish version, and would refuse to go to bed unless this CD was playing near her. Another friend who had cancer, felt very comforted by this healing CD, she would listen to this one CD only, during her entire illness. Below are just a few samples. You can always go on iTunes to hear each song sample.

Love makes Life

                 worth living...

"The Father's Call," is just that. It's as if He is singing to you. He is calling His children, and reminding them how much He cares and loves them. This is a restful and ministering vocal CD. And I also went ahead and put this same CD into Spanish, called "La Llamada del Padre." There are 8 songs total and about 45 min.

I must admit, that I am comforted by this CD, for the fact that it is scripture, and that is so encouraging to me. I can hear the Father calling me...

For every album purchased 20% goes toward our Prison Program